Friday, August 04, 2006

SNTT - iSeries to RHEL migration - Getting Domino Web Access to work

As I previously posted, moving Domino from one server platform to another is a relatively simple process: just install the same version of Domino then copy the entire Domino data directory from the old server to the new one. When you do this from an iSeries to RHEL you have to take into consideration that linux is case sensitive while the iSeries largely is not.

I ran into this after I moved my mail over and Domino Web Access wasn't working. After extensive troubleshooting I finally posted on Notes.Net and a helpful person there jogged my memory that led me down a path that yielded a resolution. A number of directories on the iSeries are in all upper case, but RHEL expects them to be lower case. Here's how I fixed it:
  1. From the Domino console
    tell http quit

  2. From the linux console (I was logged in as root but your notes user should work)
    cp -r /local/mail/domino/JAVA /local/mail/domino/java
    cp -r /local/mail/domino/TEMPLATES /local/mail/domino/templates
    cp -r /local/mail/domino/PLUGINS /local/mail/domino/plugins
    cp -r /local/mail/INOTES /local/mail/iNotes

    chown -R notes:notes /local/mail (not needed if you're logged in as notes)

    rm -rf /local/mail/domino/JAVA
    rm -rf /local/mail/domino/TEMPLATES
    rm -rf /local/mail/domino/PLUGINS
    rm -rf /local/mail/iNotes

  3. From the Domino console
    load http
In step 2 above you could use the mv command instead. I prefer to do it in two steps, copying and testing that it worked, then doing the remove separately.

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