Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sametime 7.5 Limited Use?

Sametime 7.5 was released on Wednesday, September 13th. It's now Thursday, September 28th. Fifteen days later there is still no Sametime 7.5 Limited Use. The 7.0 Limited Use version was posted at the same time as the full version so I'm not sure what's going on. Does anyone know?


  1. Hi - Sorry for not being able to get back to you sooner on this - I was trying to track down and confirm the answer myself.

    The answer is that as of right now we don't have plans to roll out a Sametime 7.5 Limited Use release with Notes/Domino 7.0.x. However, this is something that we are continuing to evaluate (and feedback like yours does help factor into that evaluation).

    The short answer is that the majority of server enhancements with Sametime 7.5 relate to enhanced Web Conferencing and policies to control features that are not available with the Notes entitlement.

  2. Thanks for following up. That's not the answer I expected, but at least I have one and can move forward with Sametime 7.0 Limited use. I'm moving to new hardware and didn't know whether to wait for 7.5 or stick with 7.0. It looks like Lotus made that decision for me. :-)