Thursday, September 14, 2006

Technorati frustrations

Ed Brill posted recently about his blog taking a while to update in Technorati. I just checked, and the last Show-n-Tell Thursday entry Technorati shows for me was on Thursday, August 23rd. I posted a new SNTT entry this past Tuesday, September 12th, and pinged Technorati of the update. It's still not shown, but other postings from as recently as an hour ago are. I will continue to use Technorati tags but this doesn't lessen my frustrations over their seemingly haphazard method of polling for updates.


  1. Since I switched my RSS feeds over to use FeedBurner Technorati seems a lot happier. FeedBurner pings several sites automatically (including Technorati) and as long as you have your SnTT tags in the body of your posting it will generally appear within 6 hours on that channel.

    I think a lot of the problems stem from Technorati not polling sites often enough so that by the time it gets around to you some posts have already fallen off the bottom of your home page.


  2. Matt, thanks for the suggestion. I am already using FeedBurner for my RSS feed, and FeedBurner does show I have 15 subscribers. I'm not sure what the relationship is between Technorati and FeedBurner, I'll go digging and see if maybe I can tell Technorati what RSS feed to use so it gets updates in a more timely fashion.