Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How to implement a social networking solution in Domino?

One thing that has always baffled me is the application of consumer-oriented technologies to business. Instant Messaging was one I adopted early because I support 300 people spread across 15 sites in two timezones, but the concept of blogs and wikis just left me scratching my head. Adeleida Bingham posted a comment on Rocky Oliver's blog including a link to an irreverent look at Web 2.0. It was an extremely helpful and really helped me understand more about why I should care about this new-fangled stuff. In the slides there was a reference to another blog posting called The Porous Membrane: Why Corporate Blogging Works. That included a link to Wiki This - A Model for Customer Support Using Blogs and Wikis.

None of this is likely news to anyone reading this, but it helped me wrap my head around it all. Now I get it. I grok in fullness. Now... how do I actually do it? Building the databases isn't the problem, there are OpenNTF templates to help me along (thank guys *waves*). But how to you go about making it something coherent and comprehensive? I'm looking at Peanuts Portal, and I have some ideas, but I was hoping someone could share some insight on how to make all this stuff fit together in a Domino world. Are there any examples of sites that have already done it?

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