Thursday, October 12, 2006

Is there an @ function to tell if a document is "dirty"?

I could swear I was reading someone's list of their favorite new features in Notes 7 and it included something about a new and undocumented @ function that would let you know if anything on a document had been changed. I didn't bookmark it, of course, and I've been searching for two days and can't find that reference. Does anyone out there have any ideas about this? Was I delusional?


  1. I hope it's true, even if it is ten years overdue. Please share with us what you find.

  2. I found NotesUIDocument.ModifiedSinceSaved, which is documented in the online version of the Domino Designer 7.01 help, but it's not in the copy on my hard drive. It does show up in the autocomplete list of properties for NotesUIDocument. I could have sworn there was a @ function to do it, too. I'll keep digging.

  3. Don't know of an @function for what you need, but pouring over the @function browser in Designer led me to something new: @UpdateFormulaContext. That's pretty useful. I'll have to remember that.