Saturday, December 30, 2006

Domino 7.02 upgrade - mosty good and a few glitches

Today I upgraded my mail server from 6.5.4 FP3 to 7.02. The install was relatively painless, but trying to track down all the information on getting Rooms and Resources set up was frustrating. I had read some posts about it on and the blogosphere, but I couldn't find it all when I needed it and ended up spending an hour or so pulling it all together. My pain is your gain. Here's the down and dirty on what you need to do to go from 6.x to 7.x:
  1. Upgrade to Domino 7.x
  2. Load your Domino server
  3. on the console tell rnrmgr quit
  4. on the console tell sched quit
  5. on the console load convert -d [your reservation database] * resrc7.ntf
  6. Open your reservation database in Designer and enable all the disabled agents. Optionally sign the database with the server's ID if you don't want automatic notices to have your name on them.
  7. Make sure you have an administration server set on your reservation database
  8. on the console load sched. Let it finish processing.
  9. on the console load rnrmgr
My only problem now is I'm getting errors like this:
12/30/2006 02:22:02 PM RnRMgr: Error processing reservation document (NoteID: NT0000988E) in database RSVP.nsf
12/30/2006 02:22:02 PM Error connecting to server MAIL/WMBIRD: The server is not responding. The server may be down or you may be experiencing network problems. Contact your system administrator if this problem persists.

The server this is running on is MAIL/WMBIRD, so I don't know how it could possibly not be responding. Also, the filename in the OS and in all the mail-in records is rsvp.nsf. I don't know where that all upper case thing is coming from. I haven't broken out NotesPeek to see which documents can't be processed, either.


  1. Nathan T. FreemanMon Jan 01, 10:22:00 AM

    a couple of things to try...

    First, you don't actually need NotesPeek to find that NoteID. The administration client will let you do this in the file interface. Just right-click on the .nsf in the file list, and there should be an option to "Find Note" towards the bottom.

    Also, you can probably address the upper vs lower-case stuff with an .nsf alias. All you need is a simple text file for RSVP.nsf that points to rsvp.nsf. Just have the file contain, in text, the path to the proper-cased version.

    Lastly, if your db is signed as the server, it's usually important that your server document have a mail server/database defined in the LOCATIONS section of the doc, on the first tab. This might not be true anymore, but it was a showstopper in the v3-r5 days.

  2. Thanks for the info, Nathan. I found the offending NoteID, but I have no clue why it's creating an error. That's the next part of the sleuthing.

    I have a symbolic link in the filesystem that points RSPV.nsf to rsvp.nsf. I thought that would take care of the remapping to the correct name. I'll try deleting the symbolic link and using a Domino database link instead.

    I had a mail server in the Sever Location Section section, but it was all caps: MAIL/WMBIRD. The server document has Mail/WMBIRD. I don't know when this changed, but I do know the errors started appearing after I migrated from iSeries to Linux over the summer. Apparently Linux is case sensitive in this regard, too, but the iSeries is not.

    Thanks again for the info.