Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blue Rinsed application template

A really long time ago I created a standard application template for all my applications. After R6 was released I decided to "Blue Rinse" it and make it look more like the regular mail template. It was a little tedious but it has allowed me to provide my applications with a consistent look and feel. Hopefully someone else can benefit from my effort, too.

A few things to know:
  • The star icon is an image resource with the alias DBIcon.
  • The name beside the icon is an action button with a computed label of @DBTitle. You can find it on the ($notes-Top) form.
  • There is a view for comments, and an agent for adding comments. Nearly every application I create needs this feature so I just built it into my template. To get rid of it you'll need to delete the (Add Comments) agent, the Comments view and the Comment form.
  • There are a few shared actions.
  • Everything on the form template is sized so it will print nicely. This means a left margin of 0.85" and a maximum table width of 6.8".
There's probably something I left out so let me know if you have any other questions. Download the template here.

[EDIT - 12/29: Added the General script library and reuploaded.]


  1. seem like u forgot the "general" script library for the (add comment) agent

  2. I noticed that after I uploaded it, but didn't think anyone would download the template before I got back into the office today. I guess there really are some people reading my blog. :-P

    The "General" library isn't necessary for the agent to run, but I added it and uploaded it again anyway. Note that the URL changed.

  3. Charles, good timing! I am in the middle of pulling my standard db architecture "for non-developers", which is largely an exercise of compiling the best functional pieces from a variety of sources. I really like the following from your template:
    - Save & Close Button - very nice touch with the @Valid addition.
    - Comments functionality - great feedback tool for any database. I'll probably encapsulate the whole comment action/embedded view/agent code into a single subform to make it easy to use/not use for a given form via a configuration doc.
    - The table structure for the form shell is very nice, and I might use a variation of that since it seems you've given a lot of thought to table column widths, fixed and otherwise.

    I'll be sure to credit you in the code comments.