Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Upgrade to Office 2007 and Outlook takes over

Today I upgraded to MS Office 2007 Professional. Here is the Notes icon on my desktop before...

and after...

And now my Notes shortcut launches Outlook:

Edit: Here are the properties of the updated shortcut:

And here are the properties of the Notes shortcut in my Start menu:


  1. If you go to Properties on that icon, what is the target? I'm wondering if it's just pointing to the default mail application instead of directly to the notes.exe file?

    What if you reset Notes to be your default client will it revert back?

  2. Check the screenshot I added, it's obvious they did something more than just update my default e-mail application. My Lotus Notes shortcut pointed to Notes specifically. It was not an indirect reference like it is now.

    I can understand they registered Outlook as the default mail client (even though they didn't ask), but why would an existing shortcut to a different application be changed? That seems pretty deliberate and invasive to me.

  3. Bah! Another good reason to never do a full install of Office.

  4. Charles, can you provide full details on your configuration when you did this?

    I want to see if I can reproduce it.

  5. Well , this is a bit scary and demoralizing....

  6. So what happened if you re-registered Notes as the default client? Did the shortcut change?

    This is going way too far for MS, IMHO.

  7. Nathan, I started with Notes 6.5 ages ago then upgraded it a few times, ending at Notes 7.01. I started with O2k Pro and upgraded to the trial version of O2k7 Pro. During installation I selected everything except Publisher, the French and Spanish proofreading tools, and the Japanese font.

    Chris, when I set Notes to be the default e-mail application the shortcut did not change and neither did the icon. The shortcut has been modified so it now points to the default e-mail application. Where the target on the Notes 7.01 shortcut in my Start menus says "Lotus Notes 7.0.1", the one on my desktop just says "Email".

  8. The issue is that my Notes icon was set to be associated with the default e-mail application. I'm not sure when or how this happened, but I know for a fact I didn't do anything specifically to cause it. I'm guessing it's something that XP did, but again, I don't know when or how. I did a clean install of Notes 7.01 on a fresh VMWare instance of XP SP2 and the target for the Notes shortcut that was put on the desktop was a path. I don't know why mine says "Email" on the desktop and "Lotus Notes 7.0.1" in the Start menu.

    I'm digging into this more and trying to figure out exactly how this happened. So far I have not been able to duplicate it.