Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Favorite quotes from Lotusphere

"But it's a fun death march." - Gabriella Davis

"We're running out of time so we'll just say this: xACL BAD!" - Gabriella Davis

"When people deliver what you need when you need it, big things happen." - Mike Rhodin

"I like the sound of that: Office, obsolete." - Mike Rhodin

"What the hell is a foo? Is it married to bar?" - Rocky Oliver

"We've got to manage change in a way that doesn't drive us insane or make us attack someone with an axe. Because that's messy." - Bill Buchan

"If you didn't raise your hand you're in a world of pain." - Bill Buchan

"Marketing - ooh bicycles!" - Bill Buchan

"Your colon has an entirely different purpose we won't discuss here." - Nathan Freeman

"I'm not psychotic this time." - Andrew Pollack

"I really wish we had -R in DOS. We could really have destroyed things." - Andrew Pollack

"My blubber hurts." - Matt the 5-eyed Man

Rob McDonagh - "I think that's a little harsh, don't you"?
Julian Robichaux - "No."

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