Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lotusphere 2007 - Day -1

Today was a "pre" day for Lotusphere 2007. I drove down from Charleston, listening to Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux' Taking Notes podcasts along the way, via my Monster iCarPlay Wireless Plus. I think in the 6.5 hour drive I made it through about 12 podcasts. I don't remember exactly how many, it was a long drive. Okay, now you know the answer to the question "just how weird is Charles?"

The most surprising thing I learned: either Julian or Bruce (give me a break, I listened to you guys talk for over 6 hours!!) didn't realize you could put group names in brackets in the ACL of a template and they would be copied to any databases based on that template. Whoever it was learned that from a SnTT post.

The most illuminating bit: John Head's explanation of what Workplace is now. There are no products labelled Workplace anymore except the stuff like Workplace blah blah For Business Controls blah blah, and the other related items that nobody uses. Pretty much everything else that used to be Workplace is now part of Portal. Workplace is just a concept being wrapped around all the "stuff" a business user needs to collaborate. Personally I'm hoping the BS of trying to pretend it's a "strategy" will be dropped and the term will fade into distant memory.

Finding the Walt Disney World Swan proved a challenge. The Google Map directions list street names but Disney doesn't put up street signs anywhere! You exit off the frontage road and you come to an intersection and you have no clue what road you're at. I drove around for 15 minutes or so before I finally saw the big swan on top of the building and just headed towards it.

Tonight's Over the Rainbow gathering had to be moved from 8 to 9 because Atlantic Dance Hall doesn't open until 9. Many thanks to Robert for arranging it, and it was a pleasure meeting Alex (who brought the token straight guy, Mike), Matt, and Lynwood (hope I spelled that right). In our small group we had admins, developers, IBM sales and a business partner represented. Everyone was represented and the only one ruthlessly maligned was the sales guy. What did he expect?

Tomorrow starts bright and early for me with a Domino Domain Manager jumpstart at 8:00 AM, so I'm heading to bed early. Yeah, it's midnight, but I'm learning that most of the hardcore Lotusphere veterans count on no more than 4 hours a night of sleep. I aspire one day to achieve your greatness, but this sophomore needs his beauty sleep.


  1. Charles, The one thing I've learned as I getter older is that everyone is freakin' weird in a hugely varied range of weirdness. Some just hide it better than others.
    That said, I dumped the iDoNotes and TalkingNotes podcasts to my Treo and listened to them on the flghts from BR -> Orlonda (via Memphis). I suspect we're not alone....
    On a different subject, I'm setting up a Terminal Server from the hotel just now and and used your excellent SNTT steps. They worked, thanks for taking the time to document and publish them. The download from PartnerWorld worked just like the CD.

  2. and gosh, luks like Im having speling problems:

    That's "get" not getter,
    and Orlando, not Orlonda.

    Gosh, wish I could blame that on heavy drinking....