Monday, February 12, 2007

The new Lotus SMB site

While I was out of the country Lotus launched a new SMB site. The nerve of some people. Alan Lepofsky blogged about it, so I took a look. And I was tremendously disappointed. The navigation was awkward, it was visually cluttered, links with the same name went to different places... it was just a mess. Rather than kvetch on Alan's blog I just expressed my lack of enthusiasm and was going to leave it at that.

Then Alan got all customer-focused on me and asked the team responsible for the site to contact me. And sure enough, I got an e-mail from the Senior Manager of SMB Marketing asking for constructive criticism about the newly launched site. I don't know whether my input will result in any changes (and I'm not an egomaniac like The Freeman), but it was an extremely surprising turn of events. It was like a trip back to the Usability Labs at Lotusphere: I was heard!


  1. ahahahahahaahahaha

    Well, I deserved that. But damn funny, no matter what else!

  2. Charles,

    That is great that they contacted you. However, as I said many times, there are TOO many SMB site with too many different messages. There needs to be one single SMB portal for IBM not four and counting.