Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dining With Friends: The Morning After

The final tally:
  • 50 RSVP's, 100 guests in attendance
  • More food than I care to calculate at this point. We were in the kitchen for two very long days.
  • 64 beers, 8L of Cuban Sangria, 4.5L red wine, 3L white wine, 1.5L rum, 1L vodka, 6L bottled water
  • Total collected: $3,448
  • And one mountain of dishes to clean (the dishwasher is running)...


Another two hours in the kitchen and the dishes are finally done. Funny how I made it through two frenetic days of chopping and slicing only to cut my thumb while washing a pot lid. Here is the food and leftover tally for anyone who cares:

Dish Qty Made Qty Left
Marinated Meatballs 120 10
Moussaka 3 pans 3/4 pan
Spanikopita 68 pieces 10 pieces
Greek Salad 20 pounds 2 pounds
Plaki (baked fish) 3 pans 1/2 pan
Dolmades 80 10
Marinated Olives 3 cups 1/2 cup
Lamb with orzo pasta 9 quarts 2 quarts
Baked Lima Beans 9 quarts 3 quarts
Greek Potatoes 15 pounds 1/2 pound
Greek Chicken 20 pounds none
Beet Salad 10 cups 2 cups

Overall we're extremely pleased with the turnout and everyone's generosity. I only had one snippy semi-meltdown yesterday, after grilling chicken for three hours, which is a tremendous improvement. With everything else positive going on right now I just couldn't get too upset about the things I couldn't control.


  1. Damn, Charles. Maybe instead of going out to dinner on the Thursday of Lotusphere, we should all just hire you to cater!

  2. You are a brave man! An impressive accomplishment both hosting and fundraising; congrats!!

  3. Wish we could have been there ... not only an impressive culinary achievement, but also a triumph of record-keeping. And baked lima beans ... mmmmm ....

  4. @Rob, think about it, given what we spent on that dinner, Charles could cook up a heck of a lot of spanikopita.

    Not sure about the beet salad though :-P

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, guys. Our donation total is now at around $3,673. The house is mostly back in order.

    Believe it or not, I was considering offering to arrange a dinner the last night of Lotusphere next year. I could do something truly spectacular for about $100 per person, or something merely nice for $50 per person. Even if I don't go to Lotusphere 2008 I wouldn't mind doing all the planning for such a great group of people. :-)