Thursday, July 05, 2007

any tips on visiting Toronto?

As part of my year of travel I'll be visiting the Toronto area the weekend of July 13th. We fly into Rochester, NY on the 12th and will stop by Niagara Falls on the way to Hamilton, where we're staying the first night. The next day, Friday the 13th, will be mostly tied up with wedding stuff, and we're moving to the InterContinental hotel in Toronto for Friday and Saturday nights.

So far the only things on our must do list are the Toronto Zoo, CN Tower, and Kensington Market. Is there anything else anyone would recommend highly? What about good places to eat? I'm not talking high-end necessarily, just good local favorites. Is there anyone out there in blogosphere land who is in or near Toronto who might want to do dinner one night?


  1. Probably not the same type of problem for you, but, avoid Helga at the Westin...

  2. I'd recommend Greek Town (the Danforth), Little Italy (College and Clinton, eat at Cafe Diplimatico), and walking along Queen Street between Avenue Rd and Spadina. I'll send you more info via email. Alan