Thursday, July 05, 2007

My first blogoversary

July 7, 2007, marks the one year anniversary since I first hung my shingle in this corner of the blogosphere. It's been interesting, to say the least. I started blogging specifically to be a voice of dissent. I've said some outrageous and inflammatory things; I've built some bridges and burned others. It's definitely been a learning experience. I want to thank you all for reading my musings and supporting me (or not... that's sometimes useful, too).

So let's see... a blog year in review....

159 posts, including this one
433 comments left here
Up to 249 subscribers (wow!)
I have no idea how many comments I left on other blogs. I'm sure it numbers in the thousands on Ed's alone.
More heroes met than there is space to name them all. And the possibility of meeting even more.
Dozens of friends made.
One friend lost.


  1. Happy blogoversary Charles! Looking forward to another year of your blogging.

  2. Reminds me of one of my favorite bumper stickers: "Dissent is patriotic." I've enjoyed your contributions to our discourse. Keep those observations coming...

  3. Happy blogoversary, to Beezlebub's barrister!

  4. Congratulation! Here's to many more.

  5. Well done, sir. It's been a good year Charles.

    And dissent is good. Otherwise we all become a G(r)eek Chorus, and nobody wants to hear that...

  6. Charles, I'm glad you joined the community, keep up the good contributions. Alan

  7. Happy blogoversary! I really enjoy your mix of posts - keep it up.