Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What American accent do you have?

What American accent do you have?


("Midland" is not necessarily the same thing as "Midwest") The default, lowest-common-denominator American accent that newscasters try to imitate. Since it's a neutral accent, just because you have a Midland accent doesn't mean you're from the Midland.

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Rather funny considering I have lived in the Southern US all my life. :-)


  1. "You have a Northern accent. That could either be the Chicago / Detroit / Cleveland / Buffalo accent (easily recognizable) or the Western New England accent that news networks go for."

    I found this fascinating... I've lived in Central IL, IN, and now Cincinnati over the last 28 years, but it appears my Chicago family and Wisconsin childhood remain a stronger influence than the places I've lived ...

    What's your excuse, Charles? :)

  2. Charles,

    I'm also from the South and the quiz also puts in the same region as you.

    I suspect it that it's looking for a country accent, which is different from a Southern accent.

  3. @Eric - I'm glad to see you're still reading. :) To hear me and any of my family talk you'd never know we were related. I think my excuse is I watched a LOT of PBS and a LOT of cartoons growing up, none of which included the thick Southern accent I grew up hearing.

    @Tim - I only have a slight Southern accent, actually. Charlestonians from a generation or two ago sound Canadian and even say "aboot". :-p

  4. I fell into the Neutral category. Which honestly didn't tell me anything other than I'm "American" haha.