Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crazy cool technology - IBM Live Partition Mobility (updated 8/22/2007)

From the IBM Press room:
In June, IBM shipped its first System p 570 servers with the POWER6 processor -- the world's fastest chip -- containing a unique design that creates dozens to hundreds of "virtual" servers on a single box. Live Partition Mobility, currently in beta testing with general availability planned later this year, is a continuous availability feature that will enable POWER6-based servers, such as the System p 570, to move live logical partitions -- including the entire operating system and all its running applications -- from one server to another while the systems are running.
Update 8/22/2007: How's that for disruptive innovation? I was reminded that VMWare has offered VMotion for a long time. Live Partition Mobility is cool, but not quite as bleeding edge as I first thought.

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