Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ISO OOXML approval still highly contentious

Santhosh D'Souza, a Sun employee, has an interesting write-up of the lack of standards in voting for standards. His observations range from the Netherlands' contingent almost unanimously deciding to vote No, but since the local Microsoft contingent wanted to vote Yes the Netherlands instead went with an Abstain vote, to he unbelievable situation in Switzerland (emphasis mine):
The chair-person of the sub-committee deciding on the Swiss vote ruled that objections raised by participants were not enough to justify a Disapprove with comments option, presenting the body with only Approve with Comments or Abstain with Comments choices. The Swiss Internet User Group has outlined its objections to OOXML as an ISO standard, added that the majority wanted to vote Disapprove with Comments and alleges conflict of interest in the choice of chair-person (nominated by the committee chairman who is the Secretary General of ECMA).
Overall an extremely disheartening read. I'm beginning to think OOXML will actually get approved, but it's only through shady deals and underhanded practices. I'm both surprised and not surprised.

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