Monday, August 20, 2007

Notes 8 Contacts don't work on first try

I installed Notes 8 Standard on my PC today, clicked Contacts and was greeted with this:

I click OK, the dialog reappears, I click OK again, and then I get to this:

I checked the Notes 8 forum and found someone with the same problem in Beta 3. The solution: close and reopen Notes. For those who are interested, I never had Notes or Eclipse installed on this PC previously, so this was about as clean an install as you could possibly get. I'm sincerely hoping this was a one-time glitch, I'll be deploying Notes 8 Standard for the CxO's and their admin assistants at a client soon. :-\


  1. How are your kneecaps feeling? Heh...

  2. Surprisingly well, all things considered. I had surgery for a torn meniscus a few years ago so I take glucosamine and chondroitin every day. =)

  3. I had a similar issue on my mail file when I first installed the Gold code, with an identical solution.

    I don't know where that problem came from. It wasn't in our final round of pre-release builds.

    But once I restarted, the problem has not resurfaced. I suspect it has something to do with Eclipse reloading certain frames after the new template has been applied.

  4. Thanks for the confirmation, Nathan. At least I know it's more than just me and one other person on the ND8 forum. I'll make restarting Notes 8 after the install part of my SOP.