Wednesday, September 05, 2007

anyone else having problems with Netvibes?

I've been having an issue with Netvibes for a while. Arbitrarily it will decide to reset some of my feeds to only show the newest items, and it limits my maximum item count to the number of new items. For example, Ed's comment feed was mysteriously reset to only show 6 items. Now I know there are more than 6 comments on Ed's blog, so something is going wonky. I've gotten the same thing on just about every blog I subscribe to, including my own comment feed, so I know it's not just a specific template or server causing the problem.

I e-mailed Netvibes, but let's just say they've been less than helpful. I know that a lot of you use Netvibes, so could you tell me if you're seeing this too?


  1. Well, afaik netvibes can only display what is inside the "feed file." So if the feed contains less items on a day for some reason (in your example a comments feed might only contain the comments for a specific day, so in the morning there might only be 1 comment vs in the evening there are 20), then you can't see more, because the feed just doesn't provide more info.

    But if just leave the "number of items" settings alone, it should display more items on the next refresh again as the feed contains more items.

  2. I see this too, but only with Ed's blog and one other PSC-hosted blog. I think for whatever reason the RSS feed gets reset once in a while, and thus restarts from that point.


  3. I've seen this with "hot" posts, such as some of Rob McDonagh's recent ones, a few of Mary Beth's, and Ed's. The crazy thing is it's fine for months then all hell breaks loose, and it seems to be just about every entry with a high comment count is affected simultaneously. It's just weird to me that it's happening across servers, and when it happens to one it happens to several.

    Thanks for the feedback, I think I'll try a few other options and see if I can find something that works more consistently. I love Netvibes, but this has really started annoying the crap out of me.