Friday, September 28, 2007

compare and contrast

Am I the only one who goes a little cross-eyed trying to pick out which Lotus icon is which?

I end up having to click each of the Symphony icons to see what they are since the descriptions get cut off and the icons are so muted and the differences so subtle it's difficult for me to pick them out. At least the descriptions of the Notes 8 icons fit on the screen, but I still have to read them, versus previous releases where the icons were distinct enough I could figure it out more quickly. The icons are just a wash of orange.

Compare this to Office 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.


  1. Want some new ones that or more colorful? I know a guy... :-)

  2. That wasn't my point, I posted this because I'm getting frustrated. But if you could have your guy hook me up with something that fits the overall theme but is a little easier to tell apart, it would be appreciated. :)

  3. This is actually an excellent point. The new icons are cooler, and I do like them, but the one thing that the R6 icons had was a small bit of unique color to each one.
    I used to set my bookmark bar to 'small icons', and it made a world of difference.
    Now I have my Open list set to "Doc the Open List" and have the same issue.
    Now I just have to hover over 'em until they reveal which is which....

  4. It would be nice if they'd make those icons a bit easier to distinguish.

    In R5 - R7 I would just use the keyboard shortcut Alt-B 6 (for Administration client) and Alt-B 7 for the Designer from the client (I hardly ever start the designer/admin client from the desktop directly, so I ended up removing those icons from my desktop alltogether. Unfortunately those shortcuts don't work in the Eclipse client anymore (same goes for the Alt-W # to switch between open windows/tabs (where # is the number of the tab you want to switch to).

  5. I have a very hard time with the new Lotus Notes icons. I am sure that Lotus will tweak them with some color over time. Charles can you please post this on the the idea exchange?

  6. The User Experience team is already aware of this, so perhaps we will see more differention in them in an upcoming release.

  7. Alan, thanks for the semi-official "this is a forward-looking statement and no guarantees of past or future performance are guaranteed" follow up. :-)