Tuesday, October 02, 2007

giving up on blogs.msdn.com

There is a lot of good content on blogs.msdn.com. That's where all the development teams post information, so it's become a watering hole for anyone who needs to know information straight from the source. Unfortunately every blog is moderated, and they have a truly terrible spam filter. The end result: I've only ever had one comment posted on anything on blogs.msdn.com without contacting the blog moderator. If I have to post a comment, then follow up in a few days to let the blog moderator know I posted a comment, it's just too much work for me to participate in the discussions. I'll continue reading the blogs since they're an excellent resource, but their overall usefulness is severely hampered by an unfriendly policy (moderation) and a horrifically bad spam filter.

UPDATE 10/3/20007

I had an e-mail exchange with Zac Woodall, the Access program manager, and Clint Covington, who also works on the Access team but I don't know his title or role. Between the two of them, here is what they offered:
(Zac) I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the comment post functionality MSDN gets from Telligent's Community Server 2.0

(Clint) Have you tried to create an MSDN account?... I think it should solve the problem for you.
This brought up two issues. First, I really hate it when a company uses a third party product and then blames the third party for the product's shortcomings. Second, looking at the Access team blog I couldn't figure out how to create an MSDN account because it doesn't have login/logout links. Other MSDN blogs do (in the upper right). I created an account but I haven't tested Clint's theory yet. If it works it's a pretty lame implementation, but that's been par for the course so far.


  1. Perhaps that explains the utter radio silence on the "red bull" team's blog at

    Or, perhaps, they gave up.

  2. @Ed
    Lotusphere's coming up. They'll be back. Perhaps instead of Red Bull, they should be Red Valerian