Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'll be in the Boston area October 18 - 21

Myron and I are heading to Woburn, MA for a wedding. [I've been told it's pronounced "woo-buhn".. and Yankees say Southerners have accents!] We fly in on Thursday (October 18th) and leave on Sunday (October 21st). We don't have any plans yet other than the rehearsal dinner Friday evening and the wedding Saturday evening. I'm not sure the timing of the flight out on Sunday. Is there anyone out there in blogosphere land who wants to get together while I'm in the area? Barring that, does anyone have suggestions of what to do in Boston?


  1. As much I would love to meet you and Myron, I am a little farther northwest. But I do have some links for you:



    I was in Boston at Admin2007, and loved it. I need to go back and spend some time walking around, taking in the historical sites. I would expect that either Ed or Alan would have some outstanding ideas for you.

  2. I'm about 45 minutes outside of Boston. Unfortunately, that weekend is already full of family stuff. What time do you land on Thursday? Maybe my wife and I could meet you for dinner?

    Oh, and it's pronounced "Woo-burn" where I am - most of the dropped Rs are confined to Boston proper. Now Worcester, on the other hand, we pronounce "Wuh-stuh" - you can always tell the tourists, 'cause they all say "War-sess-ter" - heh...

  3. I hear it pronounced "wu-birn". It's almost a "woo", but really more of a "wu". And the vowel in the second syllable is almost non-existent.

    Anyhow, I'm also about 45 minutes outside of Boston. The office is 15 minutes from Woburn. I know a good Chinese restaurant there, as a matter of fact, that would be a good place to meet if we got critical Domino blogger mass going.

  4. Hey Charles, my wife just told me that the Head Of The Charles Regatta is that weekend. So you could have something great to do on the weekend days. It's a pretty big deal, lots of fun stuff goes on.

    And I will assume that you and Myron will do your best to avoid the obvious puns available to you based on the title.......

  5. Wow, two responses! I'm thrilled! :-)

    I just found out the wedding is at 2:30 on Saturday, and the reception hall is rented until 9:00. I don't anticipate staying that late, so if someone wanted to do something Saturday evening that's an option. :-)

    @Rob - HWMBO said we have 6:30 dinner reservations Thursday at Blue Ginger in Wellesley. (That's Ming Tsai's restaurant, in case you've heard of him.) If you're interested in joining us we could probably change the reservation to 4 without too much trouble.

    And yes, the Marie Antoinette and Henry 8th cliches are better left unspoken.

    @Rich - I'm game for lunch even if it's just us. Let me know. :)

  6. DOH! Make that three responses! I didn't mean to leave you out, Gregg. :-( Thanks for the links.

  7. Hey Charles, I have my fall ultimate frisbee finals on Saturday, but I plan on watching the Head of the Charles Regatta (if the weather is nice) on Sunday. Please get in touch when you are in town and we can grab a drink.

  8. I went to college in Waltham. (Bentley) "Head of the Charles" is fun. If you like people watching and just hanging out, you'll enjoy. I like the Quincy Market area. It's a fun place for bars, food and shopping. I took the family to the Science Museum a few years ago and walked over to Quincy Market. Science Museum is fun too. I like the Aquarium that is in the same area. Hope you get a nice New England fall weekend.

  9. You'll be here just past peak color but things should still be very nice. If you're up for a bit of a drive, head north into NH and catch some fall foliage. Stay away from the Kank highway; the drive is amazing, but you'll take 3 hours to go 30 miles...

    Oh, and the 'R' thing. It follows the law of conservation of Rs which states, that no R shall be created or destroyed, only moved from it's proper place to some other place it doesn't belong. For instance:

    The r in car is removed and added to the end of law.
    Car -> cah
    Law -> lawr

    One of these years, I swear, I'm going to send out Christmas cods...