Monday, October 15, 2007

Summary of differences between Notes 8 Standard and Basic configurations

From IBM:

New features in Notes 8
    Notes 8 Eclipse-based ("Standard") configuration only
    Notes 8 "Standard" AND "Basic" configurations
    User Interface
    • Access to the Notes Getting Started Page using Help -> Getting Started Page from the main menu.
    • Sidebar to provide access and mini-views of Sametime Instant Contacts, Feed Reader, Calendar and Activities
    • Consolidated user preferences
    • Choice of preview pane location, below list or beside list.
    • "Open" button to open applications.
    • Ability to set how Window tabs display in user preferences.
    • Embedded Web browser, with the option to set default to your chosen browser.
    • Easier methods to find and work with Location documents.
    • New user interface for Help that lets you keep the Help pane open as you work.

    • Improved choices for "Reply to All," "Include History," and "Include Attachments."
    • Thread layout display when applying to a mail thread.
    • The ability to right-click operations for an entire mail thread, such as deleting a thread or moving a thread to a folder.
    • The ability to perform operations for an entire mail thread, such as deleting a thread, or moving a thread to a folder.
    • Within the Inbox, the ability to see all related messages in a thread.

    • Recent Contacts view that shows users with whom you have recently interacted, such as e-mail correspondence or chats.

    • New centralized search interface for queries and results (Domain Search, Find People, Find Application, Web/Intranet Searches available as search scopes).
    • New Search capability for Help that searches across all "books" in the help system, such as Lotus Notes Help and Activities Help.
    • Optional Desktop Search that can be launched by right-clicking Live names, and is also available in the Search scope drop-down menu.

    Composite applications
    • Composite applications that make it convenient for a user to access a collections of components (applications) to address a business need for a particular group of users.

    • The Home Page includes buttons for the IBM Lotus Productivity tools (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations), however, these tools are not included with the basic configuration of Notes, and the buttons are not active. To use these tools, you must install the standard configuration.
    • Ability to view collaboration history with another user, such as e-mail correspondence, saved chat transcripts, or shared documents.
    • Message recall
    • In-line spell Checking
    • Out of Office improvements
    • Advanced menus
    • Make available offline
    • Multilevel undo
    • Inline spell checking
    • Resilient mail threads
    • Display of unprocessed calendar entries
    • Display of canceled calendar entries
    • Locate free time for subset of invitees
    • Add personal notes to a meeting invitation

    • Changes to Contact form
    • Recent Contacts view is not available in the Notes 8 Basic Configuration but the storing of recent contacts does take place; they are available for user in mail addressing. Recent contact information can also be synchronized through the replicator.

    Integrated Instant Messaging
    • In the Notes 8 Basic Configuration, the integrated messaging functionality that was available in 6.5/7 is available, but not the instant messaging functionality based on Lotus Sametime Connect 7.5.

New features in Domino Designer 8
    Eclipse-based ("Standard") configuration only
    "Standard" AND "Basic" configurations
    • Narrow view organization - what columns do i see? do they wrap, etc.
    • Threaded views
    • Split action buttons
    • "Hide a column header" option
    • Show partial response hierarchies
    • Business card view
    • Alpha table view option
    • Default expandable column option
    • Add separators to outlines
    • @IsUsingJavaElement function
    • Onselect event in views
    • Agents that run "on server start"
    • Ability to hide all system right-click actions in views
    • Ability to edit Query Views (QVs) and DB2 Access Views (DAVs) in non-DB2 replicas
    • Improved design synopsis thru Tools/DXL Utilities/Transformer
    • Thumbnail files
    • On-demand collations for better performance
    • Database property to disallow searching without a full-text index
    • Set a field to show ellipsis (...) if contents will not fit in display area
    • K/M/G format for view columns
    • @GetViewInfo([GetFormName])
    • @function to return what folders a document is in
    • Java 5 support

User interface changes in the Notes 8 (Standard Configuration)

This section cites some of the user interface changes.

"concept" in Notes 7 client
equivalent in Notes 8 client
BookmarksOpen list
Personal Address BookContacts
Welcome pageHome page
DatabasesNotes Applications


  1. Thanks Charles, I've been looking for something like this!

  2. You're welcome. I happened to stumble across it while looking for something else and thought I'd share. :-)

  3. Hi Charles

    Thanks for the list. Please allow me to add "Mouse Over Text for View Icons". This works in Notes 8 "Standard" AND "Basic" configuration.

    It works for the numbered standard icons as well as for icons defined as Image Resources. In the latter case, the name of the Icon is desplayed as mouse over text.