Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lotusphere Over the Rainbow group back for 2008!

At Lotusphere 2007 someone reached out and made the first ever attempt to organize gatherings of GLBT attendees at Lotusphere. Or the first I know of anyway. It was a blast and we had a great time, so I spoke with last year's organizer about repeating it for Lotusphere 2008. We agreed we would like to publicize the group better for 2008 and organize things a little better.

To that end I created a Google Group: LSOverTheRainbow. Membership is open to everyone and you can choose to participate or not, as little or as much as you like. Once you join you can send invitations from the group to any of your friends. I didn't lock down postings or set them to be moderated, so have at it.

For the record, please don't think I or anyone else is the leader of this group. This is just a convenient place to congregate and an easy way to disseminate information. So post a discussion, start a conversation, meet some new people, and make the most of networking at Lotusphere. :-)

Everyone is welcome but please understand this is a group targeted at gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. If you have an issue with any of those groups you probably shouldn't join. :-)


  1. I just want to know if the rest of us are going to get training on which color hanky to stick in which back pocket. :-)

  2. Now THAT is funny! I literally laughed out loud.

    For those who don't know what Sean is talking about, I give you the gay hanky codes. WARNING: This NOT safe for work or anyone who is easily offended.

    And no, I don't have this memorized and neither does anyone I know... or at least they haven't admitted it. I learned a few of the scary ones just so I knew what to avoid. :-p

  3. I am wondering why you didn't use "LOTR" for the designation?

    And yes, I am LOL thinking of the ramifications of that.

  4. Hanky codes! How retro! I thought that went out in the 80's. Hope to make it to LS this year. Looking forward to meeting the group.