Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a perfect fit

This past weekend I installed my new Sharp Aquos LC52D64U in my den. I measured obsessively to make sure it would fit between the counter top and the bottom of the bookshelves. This replaced an older 54" rear projection TV that ate 1/3rd of the den. Instead of the incredibly expensive Sharp mounting bracket I purchased a Rosewill mounting bracket from Newegg. It's been up since Saturday with no problems. And yes, that's the Food Network on screen. I was watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay. :-)

Believe it or not, this was very much an impulse purchase. Bruce Elgort sent me an e-mail inviting me to participate in a friends and family promotion from his employer, and it was a deal too good to pass up. We love the TV and the space it allowed us to reclaim, so thanks Bruce!

Just in case you wonder about the dated look of the paneling, our house was built in 1955 and the paneling and the built-in book cases and cabinets are all original. It's thick knotty pine, which is hard to find these days that hasn't been painted. It's not a look everyone likes, but we do. I redid the ceiling about two years ago, stripping off the popcorn / cottage cheese texture and painting it a color called Melted Butter, then doing the 6" stripe of a color called New Penny. The weird thing sticking down at the top of the picture is the bottom of a ceiling fan. Every room in our house has a ceiling fan, we couldn't survive the summer without them.


  1. Ha! We *almost* gave into temptation during the promotion but held off because we were not sure if we might be moving (we are). We're still hoping to take advantage of some Bruce discounts (not as deep but still good), but haven't decided between the 46" and the 52". One question: Is there any sort of "Picture in Picture" feature, whereby you might have one video source nested in a small window within a larger one? I'd love to be able to use this monster as a computer monitor while having a little TV window in the corner.

  2. Sorry to take so long responding. I don't know about the PIP feature yet. I haven't even hooked up a DVD player to the TV yet. I'll check the manual and let you know. :-)