Thursday, January 03, 2008

another year in review post

2007 was one of my oddest years to date. Lotusphere 2007 was one of the highlights of my life, thanks to all of you. Things went all to hell shortly after that. I changed jobs in May and nothing I was promised has come to pass. By now I was supposed to be IT Director but I'm still a code monkey plugging along. The consulting has gone very well. My only client is still my former employer, but we are making progress and I'm doing some really cool things.

I traveled a lot last year and most of my trips had some weird component to them. In February I nearly died in Whistler. Twice. I had to do emergency surgery on my car during my trip back from the Eastern Shore in June. I missed getting together with Stan when I was in Toronto in July. I managed to embarrass the groom during the reception for the October wedding in Boston. And then there was the November trip to Barcelona and the cruise, which were both so disastrous I can't even bring myself to write it all down.

Something was really off for me last year. Here's to 2008 being better. You don't know how much I'm looking forward to Lotusphere again. :-)


  1. Charles...Hope your 2008 is much better indeed. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Cheers!

  2. Oh honey, your year couldn't have been THAT bad ;-) and we're all glad you didn't die by drinking crappy martinis or skiing into trees.

    And just look at the bright side, you're coming to see ME this year, so you KNOW all will be well.... bwhuaha, har de har!

  3. Well, my year was not any better than yours and I don't even get to go to Lotusphere. Cheer up!

  4. Vitor! You don't get to go!!! Crap, man... I was hoping that would work out!!

    Charles, I'm certain that things will look a whole lot rosier by Jan 23rd. :-D

  5. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. This community is what keeps me sane. Yeah, this is what passes for lucid for me. :-)

  6. Best wishes for a better 2008! After that recap paragraph, it has to be better. :-)