Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rooms for Lotusphere are all gone!

I guess I should have booked earlier. Where does one acquire a "corporate travel department"? Looks like I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

UPDATE (12/16): Thanks to everyone who expressed concern that I'd be sleeping in my car and bathing in the fountain outside the Swan. I have a room and am all set. :-)


  1. I wanted to be in the Swan since it's non-smoking, so I reserved a room for me and my wife back in late August.

    It's great to see the Sphere packing them in again, but we may find ourselves once again annoyed at the crowds.

    My fear is that after a few years of low attendance at this event, the organizers in charge of facilities, meals, staffing, etc. will still be in "failure mode" and won't have properly ramped up.

    Good luck on the room.

  2. Don't give up yet, babe, I'm still working it and feel like dookie about suggesting you wait :-(

  3. Charles, I expected more from you. :-D

    Last post:

    First post:

    Thanks for the update, I cross posted on this.

  4. @Tim - Lunch the first day last year was a fiasco in the Dolphin, but it was quickly straightened out. I've never been particularly annoyed with the crowds, just the clueless people clogging narrow spaces. :-)

    @Gregg - I was waiting until I got the final response on my session submissions before I booked a room. And then things just got busy. Francie said she would help me out but, well, life happened to her, too. :-) I'm sure things will work out.

  5. I was waiting on a nice reminder from Charles (like his earlier one).

    Actually, I can't get to any site just now. (from the cox network.)
    Guess I'll have to check back later.

    An aside: Blogger used to allow a NONblogger person to post their name and link. That option's gone. I guess I could create a dummy blogger blog and redirect it to mine. That seems kine of pointless, though.

  6. Craig, are you saying this is my purpose?

  7. Nah, I was referring to you nice reminder that the LS 'discount' was expiring:

    Last day for early bird Lotusphere pricing

    Although the demotivaters can be quite funny...