Friday, January 25, 2008

Lotusphere 2008 Memorable Quotes

We don't share our public keys with our neighbors. This isn't the 70's. -- Andrew Pollack

This slide used to simply say "Extended ACL BAD" but Lotus made us change that. -- Gabriella Davis

If you do enough practicing the demo works. Probably. -- Scott Good

Uh oh. That's really a problem. -- Scott Good (about 20 minutes later)

We hate the [Notes] client because we hate the end users. -- Paul Mooney

They just tried to make it pretty; and failed. -- Paul Mooney

I talk really slow and Paul speaks some other language really really fast. -- Susan Bulloch

I'd have perfect uptime. I'd meet all SLA's. It would be wonderful. -- Paul Mooney, when asked what he would do if he killed all his users.

How appropriate we began the day with a symphony. -- Mike Rhodin at the OGS

A happy user is one that won't stab you. -- Julian Robichaux

Don't tick off your users, especially if they carry swords. -- Andre Guirard

Julian - Oh yeah, that's a nasty error. Can you fix it?
Andre - No.

Nathan: That's the next social site we have to do: Lotus Hookups.
Duffbert: Powered by Lotus Mashups!

Domino web dev sucks. Anyone want to argue with me? -- Bob Balaban (one guy actually raised his hand)

That's not exactly kickass yet, but it doesn't suck. -- Bob Balaban

On day five Matt uttered his first complete sentence: "Can we have some beer?" That's when I knew we would be able to work together. -- Mary Beth Raven

Eclipse has no idea what we're doing to it. And boy is it glad. -- Maureen Leland

Domino is so robust it will continue doing something stupid while hosing down your career in urine. -- Bill Buchan

I can see a use for that. You get an OnChange event, so you can type 1-1-1 ... I just started to use my real Social Security Number! -- Nathan Freeman, justifying a horrible UI construct (that's not the beginning of Nathan's real SSN)

Now we're talking about color, and look who you're taking advice from. -- Chris Blatnick, referring to Nathan Freeman

It's a knife. You don't have one. Because you flew commercial. -- Alton Brown

I'm trying to help you replicate. -- Alton Brown


  1. "They may be bleeding Yellow, but I'm sweating whisky"... Me...

    ---* Bill

  2. Thanks for these quotes!! These are what make the sessions great and I usually get stuck in the mode of getting the content out and not the humor. I will have to try to get some of these next year, any suggestions on how to get these down while laughing?

  3. @Bill - I already quoted you. :-)

  4. Good one, Bill. I missed Gurupalooza so I didn't catch it.

    @Jim R - I guess you need to write faster. ;-) And I do have a pretty good memory. When I'm taking notes I only write down bullet points, and I only copy enough from the slides to jog my memory for my writeup later.

  5. I'm gonna have to plug one of my twitters here:

    WiseCraig nomenclature test: ok, twiteratzi - what do you thing when you hear 'completely extensible'?
    WiseCraig I think, 'it doesn't do what you want, but if you run a #2 cheese grater on your back for a week, it will, mostly, with the right JVM."