Thursday, January 17, 2008

SnTT: Putting your Lotusphere calendar on your iPod

I remember way back when Alan Lepofsky posted about saving contacts on his iPod. I don't have any contacts to manage so it didn't mean that much to me. But I also recalled someone in the comments mentioning a way to export calendar entries to your iPod. Now that is something I can use! It's actually very, very simple.

A couple of things to know about this process. I use Ben Langhinrichs' Lotusphere sessions database to add sessions I'm interested in to my personal calendar. It has a nifty "Add to my calendar" action you can click and you're done. I don't use Lotusphere Online so I have no idea if it will integrate with your Notes calendar or if you can export your selected sessions. If you use Lotusphere Online you're on your own.

Okay, enough chit chat, let's go!
  1. Select the calendar entries in Notes
  2. Go to File > Export
  3. Browse to your iPod (it has to be connected as a hard disk)
  4. Open the Calendar folder
  5. Enter a name for the file to be saved
  6. Change the type from the default Structured Text to Calendar File (.ics)
  7. Click Export
You're done! The entries do include some extra "stuff", which you could edit out of the .ics file if you choose. To get to the calendar on your iPod, go to Extras > Calendar. You can add the Calendar to your iPod's main menu by editing the main menu in Settings.

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