Friday, February 22, 2008


Let's see... I collected X-Men comics for about 160 issues, surely I can come up with the first 18 members:

  1. Angel
  2. Beast
  3. Marvel Girl
  4. Cyclops
  5. Iceman
  6. Mimic
  7. Havok
  8. Polaris
  9. Colossus
  10. Nightcrawler
  11. Storm
  12. Thunderbird
  13. Banshee
  14. Sunfire
  15. Wolverine
  16. Rogue
  17. Phoenix
  18. Kitty Pryde

I wonder if anyone at IBM ever thought that there might be comic geeks out there that would take a part number to extremes? So what is C18XMEN, besides the only IBM part number I will ever remember?

IBM Lotus Notes, Designer and Administrator 8.0.1 Clients basic configuration for Windows XP and Vista English(C18XMEN)

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