Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Embeddable RDBMS options, and some other cool tools

I'm in the middle of rearchitecting a massive Access 2003 application into something that can be used offline, replicate data back to a central database, and is modular. Notes and Domino aren't an option since the target platform is a Windows Mobile device I work in a Microsoft shop, but in the process of tracking down what we need I found some pretty cool tools. The best thing about all these is they're all F R E E !!

Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5

Stand-alone Microsoft SQL Server running in 2MB RAM. Really! It supports native replication with SQL Server 2005.


Another small embeddable database that features snapshot replication with any ODBC data source.

Firebird RDBMS

The third embeddable database I tested. It does not support replication out of the box, which is why I couldn't use it.

AnySQL Maestro

It's an admin tool somewhat like TOAD or SQL Server Management Studio, but a little scaled back. One thing it's missing is viewing/editing stored procedures, but I'm using it mostly for the visual query builder.


Have you ever started copying a directory of files and something craps out so you have to restart it? You don't want to have to hit "No" to the overwrite prompt eleventy billion times so you end up just overwriting everything. XXCOPY will handle copying only files that don't already exist, as well a huge amount of other things that overwhelmed me.


It's like an Internet download manager for Windows. You can pause a long-running file transfer and resume it later, it has error recovery in case it can't write a file, and it does asynchronous copies so it's faster than normal Windows copy routines. It has Windows shell integration so it can be configured to replace the default Windows copy routines.

Jing Project

Desktop capture software for Windows and OS X from TechSmith, the makers of CamtasiaStudio and Snagit. Look for some video demos soon. :-)


  1. Notes applications can run on Windows Mobile devices, take a look at CommonTime MForms.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I completely forgot about mForms. It's still not an appropriate solution for my day job since they're all Microsoft. And no, I won't bring in Notes/Domino and a third party solution just so I can say I'm using Lotus software. :-)

  3. Happy to help. I won't push the issue, but it is a shame they won't consider Lotus, since it appears to meet the requirements (and more, like security)