Monday, February 18, 2008

Mission Impossible - From Single Domino Windows Server to Linux Cluster

You hear people say "oh clustering Domino is easy, just [click] [click] and you're done" and "moving Domino to a new platform is easy, just copy the Data directory". But have you actually seen it done at a conference? Come to ILUG 2008 and you will.

Not sure how to give your single Domino server a (cluster) mate without affecting your users? Ever wanted to find out what exactly is involved in migrating a live Domino server from Windows to Linux? Come watch Charles Robinson and Franziska Whitlock not only explain the whole process but also DEMO it live in 60 minutes.

Should I ask Paul to let us work on the production servers? ;-)

P.S. This is why I dropped the hint that I do admin as well as development.


  1. He he, asking is for sissies, real Admins "just do it".

    (sarcastic reference to "worst practices")

    (but I say we use the ILUG servers to demo that anyway)