Sunday, June 08, 2008

ILUG 2008 Day -1: Tuesday

We got up this morning and did a bus trip to Powerscourt Estate. While waiting for the bus we stopped in Marks & Spencer for a bit of breakfast, then sat on a bench and watched the world go by. I just have one thing to say: I'm glad I didn't drive in Dublin.

The trip to Powerscourt was uneventful. The driver talked almost nonstop and was full of information that I've forgotten now. There were a couple of ladies seated behind us who insisted on talking to each other for the 90 minutes of the bus ride. I was thankful for a break in the seaside town of Bray just so I could away from their incessant jabbering.

Powerscourt Estate was absolutely amazing. The house is beautiful and the gardens are stunning. If you get a chance to go, go!

After that trip we went back to our hotel, dropped off some stuff, then set out to find the Griffith Conference Center. For anyone who hasn't been to Dublin, there are two key things you need to know: manh streets change names every block, and there are rarely any street signs. You pretty much just have to aim in a direction and carry multiple maps so you can cross-reference where you might be.

When we finally found the Conference Center we came across a group of ILUG'ers sitting on the outside patio, marvelling at the bright ball in the sky. We had to explain it was called the "sun", and provides warmth to the whole Earth. The people from the UK and Ireland seemed impressed.

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