Sunday, June 08, 2008

ILUG 2008 Day 1: Wednesday

Myron headed off for the zoo today so I didn't have a camera. The day started with Paul Mooney, Nick Shelness and Alan Lepofsky doing the keynote. Paul welcomed everyone to Ireland, insulted developers and threatened the lives of end users. Nick brought up a presentation he used in 1998 about the future of collaboration. It was very interesting that the same issues that were at the forefront in 1998 are still the main issues today: indexing and accessing content. Alan went on a Twitter / social networking bent that was interesting, but I'm still not convinced of the utility of this in the SMB space. That's all I work with (by choice), so I don't particularly care what the multi-thousand companies want or need. If you're so big you need software to root through everyone's tagged websites to figure out who knows something, you might want to consider changing your internal divisional communications.

I spent the remainder of the day working on my own presentation. At this point I still had not gotten all the parts of the demo working, but I did have an outline. I worked on finishing up the slides and Gabriella Davis was kind enough to answer some questions between her own issues getting a connection to her servers. (The security at the Conference Center was extremely tight. Nobody could VPN out, which caused some of the presenters a few issues.)

The evening ended with several of us going back to The Bleeding Horse, a pub beside The Camden Court Hotel where many of the attendees stayed.

After dinner we went back to our hotel and I made Myron endure a run-through of my presentation. I got my virtual machines to a ready state, did some snapshots, then went for it. I was close on the time, but I managed to get through it with only a couple of small snags.

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