Friday, June 06, 2008

ILUG 2008: Day -3 (Sunday)

Our room at the Fitzwilliam HotelTravel delays plagued us all day Saturday, but we did finally arrive in Dublin only about 90 minutes late. We took a bus to our hotel, the Fitzwilliam on St. Stephen's Green at the end of Grafton Street. The hotel is 5-star and listed by Conde Nast as one of the top 20 coolest hotels in the world. Myron found a deal on Skyauction and got the room for $180 US per night. The regular rate is $505 US.

Magpie and chimney pots in downtown DublinWhen we finally got settled in I decided to get in touch with Jamie Magee, who had flown in on Sunday as well. It was also an opportunity to find the Camden Court Hotel, which is where a lot of attendees would be staying. Finding the hotel was relatively easy, and when I called Jamie's room I accidentally woke him up. We decided that Myron and I would get lunch while Jamie got his beauty rest, then the three of us would go to the Guinness tour.

We had a great lunch at a Lebanese restaurant, came back and collected Jamie, then were on our way to Guinness. Along the way we got turned around a few times since Dublin has very poorly marked streets, and street names change every block.

Me and Jamie at the Gravity BarThe Guinness tour wasn't really that interesting to me. We had been to the Bass Brewery tour, which gives you a much better idea of how beer is actually made. Guinness' approach was all about "we're better than everyone" "everyone wants to copy us" "you're stupid if you don't like Guinness". Once you got beyond the preachy rhetoric, the sections on merchandising were wonderful. It was fun to see how Guinness was marketed throughout the years.

After that it was a stroll back to our hotels, then out for dinner.

An interesting shop on Grafton StreetPart of the old Dublin city wall

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