Tuesday, September 23, 2008

now the waiting begins

Lotusphere 2009

Date : 9/23/08 10:48:40
Dear Charles Robinson,

Thank you for submitting your abstract for Lotusphere 2009.

Session Title: Domino Clustering and Server Migration Made Easy
Speaker Name 1: Charles Robinson
Speaker Name 2: Franziska Tanner-Whitlock

In early November, you will receive electronic notification of the status
of your session.

Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando in January.
The Lotusphere 2009 Content Team


  1. Given Ms. Tanner-Whitlock's luck with FUTILEs when it comes to traveling, you're a brave man... :)

  2. I figured that would cause some raised eyebrows. :-) At least I've done most of the session at ILUG, so it's not entirely new territory. Doing it as a Show-n-Tell is a whole new ... dynamic, though.