Thursday, October 23, 2008

New feature for my blog: translations

One of the suggestions at the blogging BOF at Lotusphere 2008 was to offer translations of your blog to encourage non-English speakers to read it. It's been on my list but never bothered to invest any time in it.

Ironically, I was reading a blog this evening and was a frustrated that it was only available in French. I looked around the page and noticed a block with language translations. When I clicked it I was surprised to see it was using a Google translator, which I didn't know about. I pulled apart the URL and very quickly had translated my blog into the most common languages spoken by my readers, then added them to a block on the left.

If you can spare a few minutes I'm sure your readers would appreciate it if you did the same thing. :-)


  1. C'est une très bonne idée :-))


  2. Yes, Charles. This is a "must have", :).

  3. JYR - Je suis heureux que vous êtes d'accord. :-)

  4. Trying to get it on my site, but no luck, what do I need?