Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a change of focus

I started this blog in 2006 mostly to vent about IBM and Lotus and poke fun at the zealot fanboys. In 2007 I was frustrated both with my job and the direction IBM was taking Notes and Domino so took a job doing Access and SQL Server development. I continued doing Notes development as a consultant to keep current with it. That continued until mid-2008. Shortly after ILUG I stopped all Notes and Domino work altogether.

Several things led to that decision. It was partly a final severing of the ties to my old job. It was also an admission that I will never be satisfied with Notes and Domino. The things that are important to me just aren't important to IBM, so it's time for me to move on. And about this time we had the fire at work in and that sapped all my spare time for several months.

We got our new HP blade system delivered at the end of December and I am in the process of learning how that works along with VMware ESX. I am also preparing for a complete rewrite of our internally built ERP software and transitioning to Ruby and postgreSQL.

On a more personal level, I am feeling very strongly drawn toward the culinary field. I have learned to love cooking over the past decade and it has reached the point that I am finding that is where my passion lies. Software development doesn't energize me anymore.

The focus of this blog will be changing. I will be posting about Ruby, postgreSQL, Linux, VMware, HP hardware, and cooking. It's going to be a hodgepodge and you'll never know whether you're going to get programming code or a recipe for soup.

Oh, and for the three of you who might care, I asked Yancy to remove me from PlanetLotus. Since the content hasn't been Lotus related for a long time and never will be from here on out, I thought it was best if I didn't clutter things with my off-topic chatter.


  1. It'll be sad to see you go, Charles.

    You brought a whole new perspective to the Lotus community, and it was better for you being involved.

    Good luck in everything you do.

  2. Charles, I fully support you in your newer endeavors and I'll continue reading. Maybe you will be part of my inspiration to someday switch gears and open my own bakery... an idea I flirt with from time to time.

  3. @Stuart - Thanks. I'll still be around and you're certainly welcome to keep in touch. I won't be participating as much in the Notes community but I'll probably drop in from time to time. I can't erase a decade of history, nor do I want to. :-)

    @Robert - I'm talking with some people about doing what's called "trailing", where I basically work for free in exchange for learning on the job. That will help me figure out if a culinary career is right for me.

  4. Hey Charles...good luck with what you are doing. I hope you can follow your passion and do what energizes you! Cheers...

  5. We'll miss you Charles. But I'll keep reading, and am looking forward to the recipes :-)