Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Another resource for the Notes community

There are several online communities for the Notes community: developerWorks forums, BleedYellow Sametime, PlanetLotus, and IdeaJam just to name a few. There is another one that not as many people visit, the #notes channel on IRC. Consider this your invitation to join the discussion there. In case you don't have an IRC client or even know what IRC is, here is a widget that will get you going quickly

Chat here

This is all AJAX, no Java or ActiveX required. Just open the link, enter a nickname, and join the conversation. If it looks like nobody is active just say hi or ask a question. Someone will probably respond. :-)


  1. You should mention what irc network you're using (EFNet apparently).

    Is there a Notes channel in irc-net network that you know?

  2. You are correct, this is EFNet. It's the only network I've ever used since I started on IRC in 1992. :-)