Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What do you do when Notes 8.5.1 just won't install?

My friend Adam has a problem. He can't install Notes 8.5.1. Every time he tries he gets the following error:
0x1B1 - Version mismatch between executable and preexisting shared memory versions! EXITING. You may need to stop RTVSCAN or reboot.

It is documented as SPR# DDES7L9SEV, and IBM thought they had it fixed in 8.0.2 FP2 and 8.5 FP1. SPR #TONN7WTQQE was opened based on reports this is happening in 8.5.1, which I can confirm it really is.

Adam called Lotus support and they had him uninstall Notes, manually remove all the directories and Registry entries, and try again. It still failed with the same error. He sent in NSD's and other logs and there was no resolution. The final response he received was that it is under investigation. At this point he is stuck not being able to install 8.5.1 at all on his computer, which means he can't test his applications for compatibility.

This morning the same thing happened to me. I upgraded a test VM from 8.5 FP1 to 8.5.1 and got the same 0x1B1 error as Adam. I tried the same cleanup he did but it didn't help me, either. I'm writing this while I'm waiting for Windows to install in a new VM so I can see if it was just a fluke. Whether it is or not, this hardly inspires confidence.


  1. Ben Rose (@zuffle on Twitter) is having the same issue. He's got a PMR open which I am trying to escalate. I am very interested in feedback on this.

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  3. Is he running Symantec AV? I've seen this error before with it. Or similar errors at least. I think the means R[eal]T[ime]V[irus]Scan.

  4. RTVSCAN is indeed part of Symantec Antivirus. FWIW, I had this error myself when installing 8.5.1 on XPSP2. A reboot resolved it and plain sailing since then.

  5. I'll add that I've now installed 8.5.1 on half a dozen real machines and 2 VMWare VMs and only encountered the error on my PC. All PC/VMs are XPSP2, based on the same standard operating environment/build.

    Its surely environmental but a VM should prove it.

  6. Oddly, the report I've seen through the other customer is NOT in an environment that runs Symantec AV. The error message from Notes appears to believe that it is RTVScan, but when that process doesn't exist on the workstation, it's a red herring of an error message.

  7. Yeah, the RTVSCAN reference is a red herring. Norton Antivirus has been nowhere near any of these computers. My test VM had no antivirus software on it at all, and I believe my friend Adam uses McAfee.

    I had real work to do today so I wasn't able to do more testing. Hopefully I'll get to it before I leave on vacation.

  8. OK...

    I've also seen this error when Notes dies and leaves a piece running or a file locked.

    I'm assuming this is from a Standard install.

    Normal questions then, What OS?, 32/64bit?, what directory are you installing to? upgrade from what?
    Notes or N/D/A install?

  9. As Ed said, I'm experiencing the same problem.

    If you uninstall 8.5.1 and put 8.5 into the same folder, it works first time.

    Run 8.5.1 with the /basic switch, again...it works fine.

    This is one of those problems caused purely by the Eclipse framework. Notes works just fine, as proved by the /basic switch, this is a problem with the heavy java framework that they used to try and make Notes look nice.

    Of course now I can't use an ugly client, as I need designer and that only works in standard mode now. Useless.

    I've tried everything I can think of, the client won't even start in Windows "safe mode".

    I asked the audience, went 50:50 and in the end, as comment 1 will show, I was forced to phone a friend.

    One day IBM will release a version of client 8.x that I am happy to roll out in my organisation. It hasn't happen yet and we're stuck on 7.x client-side for now.

  10. Like Ben I haven't been able to track down what exactly changed between 8.5 and 8.5.1 to break Eclipse. My testing time has run out and I can't devote any more time to it. I feel like I have been testing R8 for nearly three years through several gold releases and it's still a beta.

  11. We are seeing this issue as well, mostly on client restarts, we have a pmr open as well, it's not happening to everyone but it is very annoying, @Ed I will forward you the pmr number

  12. The RTVSCAN is part of the notes error message, so can be a bit of a red herring at times.

    I've had the error before, but it was due to a crash (intentional) and not clearing out nnotesmm.exe from memory. Also another where the PID file wasn't deleted.

    Bens issue is different though (the PMR has had many eyes on it in the last week).

    With regards to the eclipse framework. Just before 8.5.1 gold I was installing developer builds every second day or so. When we went gold I couldn't install it. I had to manually go into the registry and remove the related framework regkeys. Did it by searching for the path to my notes install.

    Not a bug in the install, I just had a nasty messy machine. :)

    That is no guarantee that is what Ben is experiencing (as the error was different).

  13. Ah, remember the days when Notes didn't put anything in the registry?

    Those were the days.

  14. We renamed both of the files:


    which were found in c:\windows\system32 and had a version mismatch with this installed client, they appeared to belong to 8.5.0

    The client started first time.

    Clearly there's questions to answer about 1) why these files were in the system32 folder and 2) why they weren't cleaned up during the upgrade.

    Could they have been put there by the FP1 install, perhaps?

    Since the success, I've gone back and renamed the files some more.

    nlsccstr.dll seems to have no effect on the Notes client and it's presence isn't affecting anything right now, I'll leave it renamed to .old though, just in case.

    The presence of ndgts.dll, however, breaks the client first time - resulting in the originally reported error.

    So there is the file at fault and the cause of my issue.

  15. In my excitement of finally having a working upgrade, we decided to try
    a second machine.
    This time it failed during installation:
    File not found: C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\framework\.provisioning_rc
    Provisioning process failed to launch or was stopped before status
    could be determined.
    This has happened twice now, no Notes process are running prior to
    Any ideas?

  16. @Ben - Just to be clear, you renamed those two files then did the 8.5.1 upgrade and it worked?

  17. If those files are present in the system32 folder, they shouldn't be.

    Rename them to .old and try starting Notes - I didn't need to install again.

  18. Yay I can finally run 8.5.1. Too bad lotus support didn't feel I was worthy when I opened my ticket about it.

  19. @Ben, that was the error I got with a dirty machine and framework reg keys. However there are a number of reasons why this can happen. If you can I'd recommend opening a PMR on that. Cite the previous PMR number in it.

    @Wombat, Do you have a support contract? If not you can use the LDD forums to get community help on the issue. Dev+Support watch those forums as well.

    If it was a PMR you felt was not being handled well you can ask to speak to a manager at any time. The engineer will arrange that for you. Engineers should also have their managers name in the email signature (at least EMEA L2 they do).

    If you have to complain, it is better to do it at that point and not later. Did a blog entry on it sometime back.

  20. Here is an solution :


  21. Thanks Anonymous Commenter. If you notice that technote was added after the discussion here. I am glad that it has been documented, though. :-)

  22. I am experiencing the same issue with a slight twist.

    Lotus Notes Printing error 0x1b1 version mismatch between executable and pre-existing memory version!! Exiting. You may need to stop rtvscan or reboot.

    Fortunately the machine crashed and an NSD was available for research.

    The crash debug thread is as follows:
    WARNING (0): [hpmup083: 0cbc] is not a Notes process
    WARNING (0): [hpmup083: 0cbc] is accessing data directory C:\Documents and Settings\e8959\Local Settings\Application Data\Lotus\Notes\Data but is not in the process list
    WARNING (0): [ NLNOTES: 0b7c] is accessing data directory C:\Documents and Settings\e8959\Local Settings\Application Data\Lotus\Notes\Data but is not in the process list

    -> 0b7c 0eb4 0 12/03 14:54:52 [C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\NLNOTES: NLNOTES.EXE /authenticate "": 0b7c]
    0848 0b7c 0 12/03 14:54:52 ["C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\nsd.exe" -svcndlg -svcreq 128 -ini "C:\Documents and Settings\e8959\Local Settings\Application Data\Lotus\Notes\Data\notes.ini" -dlgopts showwait: 0848]
    01e8 0198 0 12/03 12:04:23 ["C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\Clean Access Agent\CCAAgent.exe" : 01e8]
    0cbc 0fc0 0 12/03 12:16:21 [C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\hpmup083.bin: 0cbc]
    01a0 0fc0 0 12/03 14:53:17 ["C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" "C:\DOCUME~1\e8959\LOCALS~1\Temp\notesC3187D\~0336385.pdf": 01a0]

    So in addition to following your recommendation to remove ndgts.dll, and nlsccstr.dll from the system32 directory, i am thinking a corrupt HP print driver is complicating things. Any thoughts are appreciated?

  23. The IBM solution about the DLL's being in the system32 directory isn't the solution in our case. Those DLL's are only in the Notes program directory on our machines and we still see the error occasionally. The HP printer driver is interesting though. We have seen issues with the HP Universal Print driver locking Notes files.

  24. I am having the same problem on a basic 8.5.1 client so it is not limited to Eclips. The 2 files ndgts.dll and nlsccstr.dll are not in the system32 directory or even under the windows OS directory at all.

  25. If you get this error message:

    File not found: C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\framework\.provisioning_rc Provisioning process failed to launch or was stopped before status could be determined.

    Try installing it to Single User. Worked for me.