Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Problem with Acrobat Reader Active X control on a Notes 8.5.1 Form

Whenever I add an Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX control to a Notes form, save the form, then try to open it, I get an error. I can't actually use the control. I get the same error if I load the database in the Notes 8.5.1 client and try to create or load a document based on the form. No other ActiveX control gives me this problem. Anyone have any suggestions?

UPDATE: I can use the Acrobat Reader control from Access 2003, VB 6, VB.Net and C#. I am working on setting up Notes 7 so I can see if this problem is specific to 8.5.1.

UPDATE #2: Confirmed it is also a problem on 7.0.4. Opening a PMR now.


  1. I can't help but confirm that I have the same issue with 8.5.1 on vista.

  2. Thanks Guiseppe. I guess I'll open a PMR and see where it goes.

  3. Every time I try to file an electronic service request it asks me to verify my company information. So I can't report this problem. I'll post it to the forums.