Monday, June 15, 2009

Lotus Support is clearly overwhelmed

My friend Ninke logs PMR's with Lotus Support on an almost weekly basis. He checked one of his PMR's today and found this note:

Called client and explained the reason for the delay. Enormous
amount of PMR's currently opened and ongoing, impacting
unfortunately all, especially lower prior/sev 4/4.

There are two things this brings to mind. First, Ed Brill keeps saying that there have been fewer issues reported for R8 than previous releases. That being the case it's odd that both I and the four Domino admins I talk to almost daily, including Ninke, have all opened more PMR's for R8 than they did for any others. I'm sure Ed's statistics are more representative than my limited sample, but it's still hard for me to reconcile the official reports with what I see firsthand.

Second, why would one customer having a large number of PMR's open slow down resolution on all their PMR's? I didn't think IBM dedicated staff to resolving individual customers' problems. Even if they did that should speed things up, not slow it down. If they don't, why would the volume of open PMR's have any impact on resolution? Something seems to be broken besides Notes and Domino 8.x.